Saturday, December 03, 2005

Life has its strangest ways

Don't ask me if this is fact or fiction - just read on:

I wanted to thoroughly get drenched in the rain. I wanted the stinging ice cold drops of water give me the famed "100 lashes" - maybe that would purge my mind of all thoughts. I looked at the tree standing next to me, strong, with all its leaves green and glowing - I want to be like that one.

I've always known Life to have the strangest sense of timing. Here I am, stuck between Head and Heart, not knowing which one to support. Finally when I am happy that Head won the battle and freed me from all unsuitable "romantic" ideas about him, that very guy comes up with the most unexpected news - like a bolt of thunder. "Don't know why but I am getting terribly attracted towards you. I think I am developing special feelings for you". Come on, what does one do?

All these years, I've felt bad that there has been no mutual feelings of love or atleast romance between me and another person. Except of course when I got married (well that was arranged but I truly love my husband. That's an entirely different thing altogether). Anyway, its gone and happened now, when the timing is all wrong. Its not fair. Especially for a romantic person like me. ITS JUST NOT FAIR. Why the hell should two married people get attracted towards each other?

Again the two born rivals start an argument and Head wins as usual. It tells Heart to stop feeling bad for everybody on earth. Head convinces Heart to relax because everything will be normal very soon. He is a man after all and he will get over it. Heart agrees - but has one request, please let her be kind and patient with him and herself too. Head reluctantly says okay. Heart thanks Head for sorting out the problem cleverly. Head blushes for the first time in history!

Everybody goes back to where they belong. Life goes on.

I look at that tree and we both shared a secret smile!

PS: Most of the stories you read here, on my blog are 'purely fictional' unless specified otherwise!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hey I found something

I was going through my old collection of thoughts that I had penned down and came across this. This is part of something I wrote a few years back. I wanted to put it here to save it here forever. Not a great piece of writing but its interesting to see how a girl thinks at every stage of life. So here it is:
Life in a typical Middle Class Urban family is really strange. In an 'in between' situation in many respects. Especially where life style and values are concerned. The thoughts are getting modern and advanced but the basic values are very difficult to change. This is very good in a way.
People might become smart but never lose their ethics. They might become broad minded but the morals are more or less intact. This is very common particularly with the youngsters today. Many of them are quite sure about what they want in life. They are getting more practical in their approach to life. They can take care of themselves and survive.
Now the seniors, who have been through 2-3 decades of tough life, who have seen a couple of generations go past them. While they want to give freedom to their children, they are worried about the outcome of such freedom. But if they don't give them the space, they are again worried that they youngsters would feel offended and hurt. Some of them come half way through - this is mostly perceived by the juniors as unhappiness. Then start arguments and unpleasant scenes. I should tell you there are even some parents who would want to avoid arguments with their children for various reasons. These are the kind who would give their children all the freedom and either sit and worry or just leave the rest to destiny!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Long time no write

Hmm... its been a real, real long time since I wrote anything at all. Why? Here's my favorite excuse - "No time" :)
I would say there's a lot that's been happening and lot more that's not. Well, all's well so far. Touchwood.

Good yesterdays. Nice todays. Hopeful tomorrows....

I should write - I need to write - I have so much to say. Will I be able to? I wonder

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Pain in love

Can there be anyone in world that would enjoy to wallow in the pain caused by love?

Does anyone find that more enjoyable than falling in love itself?

Will anyone agree with me if I say falling in love is a pleasurable pain?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

uncles in india

I was just now wondering about the spelling for the word Uncle in various languages.

Malayalam - an-gil (stress on "ng")
Tamil - an-clle (stress on the "ll"- a sound very peculiar to Tamil. Also used in words like feell, girll, kill, bill etc. Coincidentally 'kill' in tamil means to pinch. So when a tamilian says "I will kill you" ask for clarification)
Telugu - ankool (now, that's not the same as "Un-cool")
Hindi - Ankaal (drag the aa for extra effect)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Marriages are made in the www

After a lot of looking and searching, my brother-in-law finally found his girl on

After my own personal experience and after seeing a lot of people, I see that people are comfortable in the arranged marriage set-up. I know this is a very worn-out and cliched topic. But I feel I am becoming a strong advocate of this system. That wouldn't mean that I am against love marriages. For the die-hard that I am, I feel that's the best thing that can happen to anybody. But then there are a lot of those lonely souls who, for various reasons unable to "find" a special someone or "bump into" a friend, who in the course of time turns into a prospective bride/groom.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that arranged marriages are a lot more easy. A lot of risks are covered. No fear of rejection or heartbreak - the girl/boy saying yes or no is mostly taken in the right spirit. We just say "it didn't work out". And you can legally hop to the next match without being called names. There's no fear about, will my mom approve of the girl? Will dad look at him critically? Because they play a major role in choosing the "family" as such.
Ofcourse there is always rooms for risks in anything in life.

What with a lot of matrimonial sites coming up these days, its become all the more easy. You already know what the person does for a living, how much they earn, what their expectation are and even know what they look like. Contrary to the popular belief, I think these sites are quite safe. I really like using

The best part of this site is that most of the profiles are posted by the family. This site also goes a step further in "authenticating" your profile. Besides being a great marketing tool, I am sure it makes the entire deal safe.

With a small fee, you can actually get in touch with the girls/boys families directly. 1000 rupees might not be a small amount but a lot more cheaper and effective than a newspaper ad. And believe me its really fast. Atleast 3 people I know of, got engaged within 3-4 months of registering. And I think that's cool.

Ok for those of you wondering, this site is not paying me to write this thing. I am just sharing my experiences on my blog!!

So, those lonely souls, don't despair. My granny used to say, "your prince charming is definitely there somewhere in this wide world". I would change that slightly to say, "your prince charming is definitely there somewhere in the world wide web"!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


What do I say? Its my second day in the Blog world. I already feel all alone. I know I shouldn't be in a hurry to share my views 'coz I actually don't have any as of now!!! :)

I actually have some reviews stored in my brain. Maybe I should download them here but I have promised people at to write something there soon. So my Blog area has to wait to be blessed with some other creative inputs from me. But tell me do they have to, have to be "creative". Can't they just be an old woman's ramblings. Old... well that's how a recently turned 30 person feels until they meet a recently turned 40 person!!

Sometimes the feeling borders on sheer irritation - silly girls giggling, discussing topics that really don't matter at all - "Ash's" clothes at the Canne, Mallika sherawat's latest act... sigh. C'mon people grow-up. That's what I think when I see these girls! But isn't that what I am? Grown-up? Over grown...? One suddenly feels mature, looks down upon those lesser mortals who have no "constructive" thoughts in their little heads.... But what's the use? They are still having more fun than I am.

So, you know what I am doing, "when you can't beat them, join them". It feels very good. Really. I feel very light and easy. Just coz I am 30, I don't cease to be silly. I can't - even if I try. I guess its in my blood. My sister still begs me to stop when I start joking and playing the fool. She says, "PP please. I can't laugh anymore. Give me a break". Those tears in the corner of one's eyes, that flushed face, ruffled hair and breathlessness after a whole lot of laughter is one of my favorite things. I can do anything to experience it and make people experience it through me. Its just that it doesn't come as easily at it used to before. And I am not trying - really not. It never works that way. Spontaneity is the key.

I am slowly realizing. Its actually not being 30. Its just a number - some chronological stuff - nothing to do with life in its true sense

Wow! I feel better already. I only hope I don't get addicted to this thing.

I will come back here only if I have anything to say. What say?

Oh God! I Can't believe it!

I actually can't believe I have my own blog now!!

I spent half a working day on this!! Finally, thanks to my friends at I found a way to do it.

I hope with my little techie skills, I am able to work my way through this entire blogging stuff

Wish me luck!!