Tuesday, June 14, 2005


What do I say? Its my second day in the Blog world. I already feel all alone. I know I shouldn't be in a hurry to share my views 'coz I actually don't have any as of now!!! :)

I actually have some reviews stored in my brain. Maybe I should download them here but I have promised people at Mouthshut.com to write something there soon. So my Blog area has to wait to be blessed with some other creative inputs from me. But tell me do they have to, have to be "creative". Can't they just be an old woman's ramblings. Old... well that's how a recently turned 30 person feels until they meet a recently turned 40 person!!

Sometimes the feeling borders on sheer irritation - silly girls giggling, discussing topics that really don't matter at all - "Ash's" clothes at the Canne, Mallika sherawat's latest act... sigh. C'mon people grow-up. That's what I think when I see these girls! But isn't that what I am? Grown-up? Over grown...? One suddenly feels mature, looks down upon those lesser mortals who have no "constructive" thoughts in their little heads.... But what's the use? They are still having more fun than I am.

So, you know what I am doing, "when you can't beat them, join them". It feels very good. Really. I feel very light and easy. Just coz I am 30, I don't cease to be silly. I can't - even if I try. I guess its in my blood. My sister still begs me to stop when I start joking and playing the fool. She says, "PP please. I can't laugh anymore. Give me a break". Those tears in the corner of one's eyes, that flushed face, ruffled hair and breathlessness after a whole lot of laughter is one of my favorite things. I can do anything to experience it and make people experience it through me. Its just that it doesn't come as easily at it used to before. And I am not trying - really not. It never works that way. Spontaneity is the key.

I am slowly realizing. Its actually not being 30. Its just a number - some chronological stuff - nothing to do with life in its true sense

Wow! I feel better already. I only hope I don't get addicted to this thing.

I will come back here only if I have anything to say. What say?

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