Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Marriages are made in the www

After a lot of looking and searching, my brother-in-law finally found his girl on

After my own personal experience and after seeing a lot of people, I see that people are comfortable in the arranged marriage set-up. I know this is a very worn-out and cliched topic. But I feel I am becoming a strong advocate of this system. That wouldn't mean that I am against love marriages. For the die-hard that I am, I feel that's the best thing that can happen to anybody. But then there are a lot of those lonely souls who, for various reasons unable to "find" a special someone or "bump into" a friend, who in the course of time turns into a prospective bride/groom.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that arranged marriages are a lot more easy. A lot of risks are covered. No fear of rejection or heartbreak - the girl/boy saying yes or no is mostly taken in the right spirit. We just say "it didn't work out". And you can legally hop to the next match without being called names. There's no fear about, will my mom approve of the girl? Will dad look at him critically? Because they play a major role in choosing the "family" as such.
Ofcourse there is always rooms for risks in anything in life.

What with a lot of matrimonial sites coming up these days, its become all the more easy. You already know what the person does for a living, how much they earn, what their expectation are and even know what they look like. Contrary to the popular belief, I think these sites are quite safe. I really like using

The best part of this site is that most of the profiles are posted by the family. This site also goes a step further in "authenticating" your profile. Besides being a great marketing tool, I am sure it makes the entire deal safe.

With a small fee, you can actually get in touch with the girls/boys families directly. 1000 rupees might not be a small amount but a lot more cheaper and effective than a newspaper ad. And believe me its really fast. Atleast 3 people I know of, got engaged within 3-4 months of registering. And I think that's cool.

Ok for those of you wondering, this site is not paying me to write this thing. I am just sharing my experiences on my blog!!

So, those lonely souls, don't despair. My granny used to say, "your prince charming is definitely there somewhere in this wide world". I would change that slightly to say, "your prince charming is definitely there somewhere in the world wide web"!!!!!


  1. cool priya,
    Liked your views.
    I too believe in aranged marriages.
    Got married last month
    Keep writing

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for your comments and congratulations on your wedding. Where can I find you on Mouthshut?

  3. Hey Priya,
    If anyone asked me, I would readily agree to be President of the Club of people with arranged marriages...and by the way, you write well!! You should write more...looking fwd to seeing your famous one-liners and your Priya-isms...when you have a talent, it will chase you and will never let you there you are!!


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