Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hey I found something

I was going through my old collection of thoughts that I had penned down and came across this. This is part of something I wrote a few years back. I wanted to put it here to save it here forever. Not a great piece of writing but its interesting to see how a girl thinks at every stage of life. So here it is:
Life in a typical Middle Class Urban family is really strange. In an 'in between' situation in many respects. Especially where life style and values are concerned. The thoughts are getting modern and advanced but the basic values are very difficult to change. This is very good in a way.
People might become smart but never lose their ethics. They might become broad minded but the morals are more or less intact. This is very common particularly with the youngsters today. Many of them are quite sure about what they want in life. They are getting more practical in their approach to life. They can take care of themselves and survive.
Now the seniors, who have been through 2-3 decades of tough life, who have seen a couple of generations go past them. While they want to give freedom to their children, they are worried about the outcome of such freedom. But if they don't give them the space, they are again worried that they youngsters would feel offended and hurt. Some of them come half way through - this is mostly perceived by the juniors as unhappiness. Then start arguments and unpleasant scenes. I should tell you there are even some parents who would want to avoid arguments with their children for various reasons. These are the kind who would give their children all the freedom and either sit and worry or just leave the rest to destiny!

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