Saturday, December 03, 2005

Life has its strangest ways

Don't ask me if this is fact or fiction - just read on:

I wanted to thoroughly get drenched in the rain. I wanted the stinging ice cold drops of water give me the famed "100 lashes" - maybe that would purge my mind of all thoughts. I looked at the tree standing next to me, strong, with all its leaves green and glowing - I want to be like that one.

I've always known Life to have the strangest sense of timing. Here I am, stuck between Head and Heart, not knowing which one to support. Finally when I am happy that Head won the battle and freed me from all unsuitable "romantic" ideas about him, that very guy comes up with the most unexpected news - like a bolt of thunder. "Don't know why but I am getting terribly attracted towards you. I think I am developing special feelings for you". Come on, what does one do?

All these years, I've felt bad that there has been no mutual feelings of love or atleast romance between me and another person. Except of course when I got married (well that was arranged but I truly love my husband. That's an entirely different thing altogether). Anyway, its gone and happened now, when the timing is all wrong. Its not fair. Especially for a romantic person like me. ITS JUST NOT FAIR. Why the hell should two married people get attracted towards each other?

Again the two born rivals start an argument and Head wins as usual. It tells Heart to stop feeling bad for everybody on earth. Head convinces Heart to relax because everything will be normal very soon. He is a man after all and he will get over it. Heart agrees - but has one request, please let her be kind and patient with him and herself too. Head reluctantly says okay. Heart thanks Head for sorting out the problem cleverly. Head blushes for the first time in history!

Everybody goes back to where they belong. Life goes on.

I look at that tree and we both shared a secret smile!

PS: Most of the stories you read here, on my blog are 'purely fictional' unless specified otherwise!

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