Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I had been looking for a couple of my old friends quite a lot for the past few days. I searched on FB, Googled them and in the process even came across a site called

While at it, I had this question in my mind. Why am I doing this? Not that there was something 'special' happening between us..not that we parted ways after a fight and I want to make up...and definitely not that I am 'curious' about these people. If you're deciding that I am a virtual stalker. I will clarify - I am not one! (at least this time around :P)

It just beats me how we just drift apart from certain people we once used to care about and had spent so much time with. I feel I lost these friends just out of my carelessness.

I guess we all go through a phase of rushing through life. At that time, the present and perhaps the future is all that matters. And then, after a few years, with things more or less in place,we often wonder whatever happened to those people.

pressed plant: old pressed fern stem/leaves in old hymn book

Many people have told me reconnecting isn't a great idea. You might realise how different the person is from what you remember or that it might complicate existing relationships. I don't think reconnecting means rekindling a relationship or being in touch with that person on a daily basis. For me, getting back in touch with an old friend is like finding something for which there is really no use now. It could be a pressed flower or a dried leaf between the pages of an old book, thoughts you penned down as a teenager on a scrap paper, an old yellowed letter, a forgotten photograph, a greeting card, or an old cassette tape.

You might sometimes look for such things because something triggered a memory. Or you might come across it at the most unexpected moment. Either way, it gives a minute of boundless joy or brings at least a smile on your face.

I am sure most of us would not make a big thing out of that leaf, letter, photograph or the card. We would just quietly put it back, but this time in a scrap book or a box of memorabilia.

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