Monday, January 20, 2014

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest - DOOM bachaaley

Even when the rushes were being aired on TV, with one longing look at Aamir Khan, I told myself, "Even Aamir can't tempt me to watch this movie." But anyone who knows me well, know the exact things that will tempt me. Two of the things being a mommy's day out and well...Aamir Khan.

So we went - two tired mothers, in need of a break. Happy to be on our own, not having to answer a gazillion wh-questions.  And I am glad we went.

And I am glad Aamir gets introduced (and how) almost in the beginning itself. Else, we would have walked out of the movie hall even before the interval. The man is a saver. Yes, he is - he saved my mommy's-day-out and he saved Dhoom-3 too.

Talking about introductions, the entire first half is full of intro scenes with various degrees of impact. AK on his (drool) BMW bike. Uday Chopra (caught in a tamil/malayalm speaking villain's den), suspended by his legs. And Abhishek Bachchan in guess autorickshaw, bearing a tacky registration number 786. Katrina Kaif's intro is a proper strip-act. And the introduction of Aamir Khan (the second time) is the cleverest - it happens in a dressing area with mirrors! The intros I think foretell the role/importance of each character in the story. It ranges from clever to downright silly.

As always, the story is about how two Indian cops get posted in the USA to investigate into a series of thefts (the rolling of the eyes starts right there).  But here, the crime is more about damage than actual loot. The investigation deals with who does it and why they do it.

I have managed to expand the story as much as I could. I really tried. Coming to the casting...

Aamir Khan: Like I said before, he saves the movie. As always, he looks great. He acts well. Becomes the reason for one to sit through even the dumbest of movies. The best part about him is his conviction that comes through his portrayal. I am sure he's had fun doing this film. You must check out his expression in close-up when he rides the bike (furious and all!).  Though he has given numerous interviews about why he chose this film (apart from the money), I think he has been casted in this role for his acting prowess. He does a fantastic job switching between his two roles. He plays both parts really well-this is no big deal for him really.

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Abhishek Bachchan: Why is AB's baby doing this to himself? Like I was telling someone, perhaps a certain heartbroken damsel is taking revenge through the much influential producer of this movie. There's no reason why any actor of a decent standing
will accept a role like this. I normally like Abhishek B. So, the lesser said, the better.

Uday Chopra: Well, this is what one would expect out of him - tom foolery. He doesn't let you down. This motor mouth perhaps has the maximum and perhaps the best lines in the movie.

Katrina Kaif: I don't even want to get there Just glad that there isn't anything for her to do in the movie. Even the Dhoom song appears right at the end of the film, by when 90% of the audience has walked out/escaped from the cinema hall.

Jackie Shroff is a surprise element. I wish we could see more of him in this movie and other movies as well. I've always been a fan of his subdued stylishness and relaxed performance.

The movie sets out to show how smart cops are (fantasy element) but ends up as a reality show. Even Sivaji Satham and his team have been consistently clever for the past I-don't-know-how-many-years on Sony TV (CID). I am no action movie buff but I know that there is thrill, suspense and fun only if the cops and the bad guys are shown equally, smart, sharp and cutting edge. This is like setting up Alok Nath and Johnny Lever against Shatrugan Sinha for heaven's sakes. If the cops were dumb in Dhoom 1, they get the dumbest in Dhoom 3. The makers better pull up their leather chaddis if they want to make Dhoom 4 wihout getting doomed. But thinking of the crores this movie is said to be earning, you never know!

Except for one catchy romantic song (I forget what the song was :P), there isn't much to the music. The Malang song is thankfully good, as it repeated several times through the movie.

Like I always say, I cannot write reviews and this is just my experience of the movie and not review.

And talking of experience, love happened twice - no three times while watching the movie. With Aamir Khan. With Aamir Khan again. And with the BMW bike. Man! What a super-sexy bike it is. Fine, agreed, even the BMW engineers wouldn't have imagined their bike could do so much as the film makers have thought for the bike. I told you its a fantasy film.

If I'm reborn, don't know if I can marry Aamir Khan because there's no guarantee he'll be reborn as Aamir Khan. But I'll definitely own a BMW bike. It's a promise!

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