Sunday, October 27, 2013

Any time, yoga time!

I ignored my little one when she squarely looked me in the eye and asked if there's a baby in my tummy. I ignored my friends who 'liked' my pics on FB and posted comments like "congratulations" but I have suddenly started taking it seriously ever since the elderly lady in the bus got up and offered me a seat and said "paathu okkaru ma, jaagradhey" (please be careful, have a seat) looking at my (jelly) belly. The word "jaagrathey" echoed several times in my ear and I have been trying to be 'careful'. I'm really trying.

Please don't think I'm giving out excuses but there are so many genuine reasons for not being able to practice yoga. Here are some. 
1. I forget to wake up early enough 
2. I don't own any smart, branded track pants with matching yoga mats 
3. There are times when I am really keen but I am stopped by severe health conditions like digitoonychofractura, (broken nail in the little finger on the right hand.) 

Even if I try to battle all these reasons and I actually start doing Yoga, I am sure you will understand that one really can't concentrate on breathing when you are sitting on all fours and your little thinks you are ready to take her on a piggy back ride or has fun crawling under the 'bridge' when you are trying to hold the adhomukha svanansana or the downward dog pose.
Then, one fine day I had this moment of epiphany. I realised I actually practice yoga all day - I don't have to take out a separate time. See for yourself.

I start my day with the most difficult movements-reaching for that persistent alarm, trying to turn it off and finally giving in.

Picking up the hubby's socks and baby's toys after them.

Trying to use the office loo without infecting myself.


Back home, begging the little one to do homework/eat dinner.


               End  of day.

See how Yoga's become an intrinsic part of my day?

PS: These 'stickmen' are only a diagrammatic representation and bear no semblance to the author of this post. 

Pictures courtesy: Yoga Stickmen

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