Friday, March 06, 2015

I feel. Therefore I am.

I am an emotional person. I am a sentimental person. Remove these qualities from me and I cease to be ME anymore.

I don't care for people who judge me based on these qualities. I don't care for people who click their tongues in sympathy, muttering to themselves "oh, she lives only in the past." "oh, she hasn't moved on" and such.

Everybody has a core personality. Why would anyone want to change that? I will never want to change anyone. So why would anyone ask me to change? This is how I am, feelings, sentiments and all. Take it or leave it. And please I don't want sympathy. I just need some solid understanding. Please remember, I might be sentimental but I am not a sad person. I might be self-absorbed but I am not a loner. No one likes to be sad. No one likes to be lonely.

If I am left to be myself, those who've labelled me 'Queen of Melancholy' will realise just how funny I can actually get. All I want is to be left to my own live life my way. If you try hard enough, you might perhaps be able to change me even. But you will be left with factory produced 100% nylon fibre. I don't have to tell you the qualities of nylon.

Thank You.


  1. But I have seen very friendly, jovial and naughty Priya most of the time. :-)

  2. That's also ME. Besides, haven't we discussed the split personality syndrome earlier Sudha?

  3. However Sudha, I'm really glad you see that part. Thanks.


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