Friday, June 13, 2014

Horn NOT Okay Please!

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We often complain about the incessant and unnecessary use of horns on our roads. Honking is a sign of impatience and lack of disrespect to the other road users. 

Don't you think so?

*Nobody enjoys hanging around on the road even after the signal turns green. It might take a second or two for their vehicle to get started. Give them that time.

*Horns are exchanged in place of swear words when motorists fight on the road. The louder, the worse! 

*Drivers of bigger vehicles use it as a bullying technique to nudge smaller vehicles out of their way.

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I feel if we all collectively introspect, we might be able to break this annoying habit. Why don't we try this. 
Let's ask ourselves, "For every 15-minute drive, how many times did I honk? And why? Was it really necessary?"
Let's avoid using the horn unless we want to avoid danger. 

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