Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Harris Jayaraj

When I read and laughed my gut out, I remembered a joke my DH and I used to share.

You can actually compose a Harris Jayaraj song if you are a sincere Church-goer!! Let me explain.

Take for instance the song, "Paartha Mudhal Naaley" (Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu")
and sing "Yesu pirnadhaarey, indru Yesu pirandhaarey". Doesn't it fit? Sing it in a nice baritone voice - it'll sound even better!

Or take the song, "Ennai Pandhaada Piranthavaley" (Ullam Ketkumey)
and sing something like Nammai rakshikka piranthavarey...Works?

Disclaimer: I mean absolutely no offence to any religion or its music. No offense meant to Harris Jayaraj himself, many of whose songs I really love (esp. the romantic ones) and I have his full collection on MP3. (I particularly love listening to this CD because its like listening to a nice song that  goes on for one and a half hours!! :P)


  1. How about this songs.
    first link is a movie song and the next one is from the chirstian album from Harish team.

    1. The christian song sounds so lovely and different.
      And yes the second link, the anbe, anbe is one of my fav. Harris Jayaraj's numbers.
      PS: And may I know who you are?


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