Thursday, January 06, 2011

"Get a life" they said.

Rashi stepped out of the house after a quick and healthy breakfast. They say when you look good, you feel good or vice versa. It worked both ways today. Her day starting with a satisfying work out. She consciously ate a decent breakfast and even dressed up carefully and was wondering why she was smiling to herself all the time. Thinking about the new guy who was supposed to join her team today? Not really. He was much junior to her - everyone in her team and mostly every one at the office was younger than her, except maybe the Chairman :)

The others her age were all the serious, "responsible" the Accountant who was seen and heard only while getting into office and getting out of it. He even had lunch alone. Huge lunch box consisting of the routine dal-chawal-sabzi-roti fare, dutifully packed by the wife whom he sincerely brought with him every year on 'family day', two kids in tow - all of them very properly dressed and well behaved. Then there was the Col. Rao in the Admin who was just around 38-40 but bragged about his short army career as if he was Subhash Chadra Bose's right hand man during the INA days!

Rashi never felt or behaved 34. She even enjoyed those impromptu 'chair-races' that her boisterous team would have! She would tell all her friends that her mental age is still 18, dreamy eyed, incorrigibly romantic. Ironical that she wasn't very lucky with relationships. No major heartbreaks or sad stories but nothing to write home about either. Of late her past has just been leaving a tiny smile on her face, minus the pain. She only smiled when she thought of the spineless Sudhir, poor guy, was shit scared of his mom. And Nitin, with a bloated ego - he was too proud to accept and even acknowledge that he really liked her! On a lighter day she felt they all lost her and weren't lucky enough to have her in their lives.

Though she had her lonely moments, she now seemed to adjust well to this situation. She felt she perhaps would never fit into the cycle of marriage, in-laws and children anymore. She seemed to be blissfully settling into her single status. She loved her monthly treks. She loved her book-clubs and the book-reading sessions. She had a fuller and more meaningful life than her match-making aunts who told her "Its high time you settled down. Rashi, get a life". "Well", she thought, "Thanks aunties, I found my life and have settled down!".

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