Saturday, June 19, 2010

Social networking or networking between I,me and myself?

How many you have felt depressed after a session of Facebook? I am sure there are a lot of you around. I have been on Facebook for almost an year now and I have felt that way more than once. I am not ashamed about lying about me true feelings.

Facebook, Orkut and the likes are said to be 'social networking sites' but I see them as more of a space for advertising personal triumphs. Wow! look at me...i'm having such a great time with my family. wow! look at me, I am excelling at work! wow! look at me..I'm having a dream holiday. Wow look at me I have found happiness in greener pastures...look at you still rotting in the same place where I left you!!!
I just cannot get over status messages that go "having a fantastic weekend with hubby, baby and dog". I've tried to imitate such messages too but haven't been very successful.

Well, great! Good for you my dear friend - I'm happy that you are happy. What's the social networking about then if you are so obsessed with your self? Don't know...the purpose and meanings of things perhaps evolve and change with time.

See blogging is a different thing - I have seen Blogs being put to great use to share thoughts and ideas. But I am yet to figure out what this FB is all about. No. I have no plans of quitting right now.

Another thing I feel about FB is that you search and search for a dear long lost friend and even find them on FB. And then what do you do with them? You ask them their whereabouts, family, profession etc and you give them all your info. Then what happens? Can any one shed light on this? Maybe I am ignorant about how effectively one can use FB.


  1. Why do I feel personally attacked by this post? :-) (just kidding!) Neej

  2. This was something I wrote almost 2 years ago, after which I've got quite comfortable with FB now. But I read somewhere last week that according to a research, Social Networking does make some people depressed!


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