Thursday, April 09, 2009


The whole world seems so busy around me. I seem to have nothing to do. Baby is sleeping. Not much housework to do. Nothing on TV - it never interested me much anyway. The unread magazines are getting piled up in the corner - none seem to impress.
I think the boredom virus has crept into my system again. My boredom sagas used to be a family joke. Everyone is familiar with my "mummy i'm getting bored" line right since I was a little girl of 10. Why does this happen? Elder sister says its because I look for external elements to entertain me whereas i should be looking 'within'.
Freelance projects are coming in but I'm not able to take up any because of my baby. I'm not blaming her but she really needs me. I cannot as yet plan on anything. I cannot rush to the computer everytime she sleeps - there are other things to be done at that time.
Hubby is busy at work. No time for silly chats. Hate to be snubbed though I know that's not his intention - i would probably blame my fickle pride. I'm away in another town so can't really chat with my best friend coz we'd go on and on and on - scares me to think of the roaming charges on my as such expensive mobile phone connection.

I don't know if its because of this basic joblessness or what, i'm feeling low, irritated and touchy .

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