Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Life still has its strangest ways

Progress they say is always good. But sometimes I don't know...
Strange? Look at this story:
All she ever longed for was for a glimpse, perhaps a tiny conversation. That was enough to make her day or perhaps a week! Big crush.

Stage 1: Eyes meet. There was magic. Sweet nothings to match. Tender feelings. He felt the same way she felt for him. Tears.

Stage 2: They hold hands - Wow! what a simple, yet good feeling. She honestly was very happy and didn't look for more. Flirtations. More serious discussions. Protests. Fights. Fear. Arguments. Fun talk. Tears. Long emails. Stolen phone calls. SMSes (sweet secret messages). Butterflies in the stomach. Getting emotionally close. She felt good. She felt needed. She felt important. Probably one of the most memorable period of her life.

Stage 3: Getting physically close - less control. Less communication. Emotion only from her.

Stage 4: Have got physically close - No control. No communication. Emotion only from her.

Having progressed so much, he is happy but she is secretly hoping to go back two steps to #2. Maybe a mix of the good parts of all stages...? That would be so picture perfect! Did someone say Life is not perfect?

PS: Please let me know if you have any ideas about how I can continue this story, can I develop it into a novel or short story?

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