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Surgical Strike

"Just imagine", they said, "how free you are going to be." Everybody pep-talked me. "You are not sick. You are only going to get better. You are not a patient," they said. So I went and got an expensive mani-pedi, finished it off with red nail polish. The first thing as soon as I check-in: (note: my usage of the term check-in shows my state of mind at that time) "Madam, please cut nails and remove nail polish." The earth shattered around me. There were thunder and lightning. I turned around three times in slow-mo " Aakhir kyon? " The angel in white boomed amidst the thunder, " Patient-ku , no nail polish allowed meydem." Disillusionment #374 of my life. I tried to make a joke out of it, " Patient-aa? Naana? Chey " etc. "You only meydem patient" I begged. I tried reasoning. Nothing worked. Finally, making impatient clucking noises, I obeyed the nurse's orders. And she sweetly patted me and said "Tha

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