Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thoughts on fashion

There just a thin strap between casual dressing and careless dressing. (In an office setting)

Thursday, July 24, 2014


SPB's voice has been ringing in my head for the past 2 days, now that the submission date for my book has got really, really close. The difference is that SPB is passionately singing (with full emotion and dramatics) about deathlines and I am thinking of deadlines. (Don't bother watching the entire video, I wouldn't want to gross you out.)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Cinema Wishlist

My day started with gratitude for a good Samaritan reminding me about 'not forgetting my passions' this morning. As I was reading the paper in the same grateful mood, I read a tiny article about Kamal Hassan's plan to play the lead in the Tamil version of Drishyam. My reaction was a loud "WOW!". Man! I love Kamal. I love films in general! Right at that moment, this wishlist started generating in my head one after the other, just like flight information board in an airport. I want to put it down before I forget.

1. I don't want to see Kamal Hassan in K S Ravikumar films (at least for sometime to come).
2. I want to see Rajinikant only in Shankar's films (the exception being a Balki film - just one, for the thrills). 
3. I want to see Surya in an Imtiyaz Ali film.
4. I want to see Dhanush in a Gautam Menon film (without any of the 'suffering' or 'the anger' - in any form)
5. I want to see Ajith in a Gautam Menon or a Balki film (or even a Maniratnam film - now please don't judge MR. He's basically an artist and he's had his good days.)
6. I don't want to see Ranvir Singh in any film.
7. I want Shruti Hassan to go back to singing.
8. I want to see the leading ladies in GOOD films, flaunting only powerful performances and nothing else.
9. I want to see the ladies in Tamil-Telugu films take up strong leads and to stop being just a pretty tree on the Alps.
10. I want to watch a solid good film this weekend. I'm famished.

Update May 2015: I want to see Rajini in a solid role like the ones Amitabh Bacchan does in Hindi!